symposium 8 - Crack Paths 2021

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Crack path in AM components using X-ray tomography

Shengchuan Wu, Southwest Jiaotong University, China
Filippo Berto, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Keywords: defects, roughness, residual stress, additive manufacturing, fatigue and fracture
Commercial and laboratory time-lapse X-ray tomography has been becoming an effective way of characterizing the crack based structural integrity of additively manufactured components that can elucidate the damage behaviors and hereby model the lifetime. By combining the high-resolution imaging data, multi-scale modeling at sub-micron spatial resolution and/or sub-second time resolution can also be performed to probe the Processing-Structure-Property-Performance relationships or to validate models. It can help to qualify safety critical components, ultimately reducing uncertainty of physical system in service and resultant maintenance cost of advanced manufacturing technology particularly for additive manufacturing. The quality submissions into Thematic Symposia include but are not limited to X-ray tomography based topics and AM components.

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